CHILLUMINATI Hellvetica Logo Stickers

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CHILLUMINATI Hellvetica Logo Stickers

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Black Vinyl: 4.35" x 0.75" Custom Die-cut Sticker
Holographic Vinyl: 4.50" x 0.88" Custom Die-cut Sticker

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Q: These stickers are permanent, will they damage a surface if I try to remove them?
A: Depending on the surface they are applied to, it’s possible that the surface may be damaged. Most surfaces that have been painted may be damaged when trying to remove a permanent die-cut sticker. For example, surfaces such as laminates and painted walls. It may be possible to remove permanent stickers from lacquered / bake-dried surfaces such as car paint, however we do not guarantee that the surface will not be damaged.

Q: Are these holographic die-cut stickers water, dishwasher and freezer safe?
A: These stickers are certainly freezer safe and water repellant. They will also withstand dishwasher use die to their permanent adhesive. They are not recommended for use on fabrics and as such should not be put through a washer/dryer.