===== GENERAL INFO =====

Where can I find out about new product drops and item restocks?

1. I'll share in the CHILLUMINATI Discord first!

2. Follow @chill_biz on Instagram and Twitter!

What is the best way to support your small business?

1. Join the Discord! Post a photo of you and your Chilluminati merch in the #family-photos channel! Be good to each other!

2. Follow, like, and comment on all our social media posts. Yes, all of them! It's one of the few ways you can help me beat the algorithms!

How do I get a promo code?

I'll post any active promo codes in the CHILLUMINATI Discord! Everyone can join for free. Please be cool about it - don't re-post these codes with people who haven't joined!

===== ORDERING =====

When will my order ship?

Orders will ship out every Friday when items are in stock. It's a one person operation. Email me if you need something faster, and we can figure something out - [email protected].

Why do I have to pay for shipping?

Because I do too.

What is your return policy?

Sorry, no refunds! If your item is damaged when you receive it, email [email protected] with a photo and brief description of the damage. I'll take care of you.

===== CREDITS =====

All merch items were conceptualized and designed by CHILLUMINATI.